Terms and conditions

§1 General Regulations

  1. These Regulations have been prepared in order to ensure fully comfortable stay for all the Guests of Sampella.
  2. All the Guests using Sampella Apartments are under the obligation to comply with the Regulations.
  3. Non-observance of the Regulations entitles the owners of Sampella to terminate the rent with immediate effect.

§2 Rules of rent – reservation and check-in

  1. Rental fees for the apartment are applicable in accordance with the price offer presented to the client before arrival. The agreed and accepted total price for the stay is payable regardless of any possible shortening of the stay.
  2. The holiday season is from June 15 to September 13.
  3. To make a reservation, please send an email to sampella.booking@gmail.com with the following information:
    a) Name and surname of the person making the reservation
    b) Number of guests and their age
    c) Date and time of planned arrival and departure.
  4.  Outside the holiday season reservations are accepted for a minimum of 3 nights.
  5. Reservations during the holiday season are accepted on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday. * Any deviations from this rule are permissible during the COVID-19 pandemic by individual arrangement.
  6. Reservations will be confirmed after receiving a return e-mail.
  7. Within 2 days of confirming your reservation by e-mail, you must pay a deposit of 30% of the price of your stay or the entire amount in order to finally confirm your stay.
  8. In the case of payment of the deposit, the remaining amount must be paid by bank transfer no later than 5 working days before the agreed date of arrival.
  9. Upon arrival, the representative of the owner of the apartment Sampella, will hand over a set of keys together with the chip of the security system and the remote control for the gates. The set of keys includes:
    a) The key to the front door;
    b) Key to the storage room;
    c) Key to the swimming pool and to the entrance gates to the facility;
    d) Key to the staircase.
  10. Guests are obliged not to share a set of keys, chip and remote control with any other person and to return the original set on the day of departure. You will be charged a fee of €10 for the loss of the key and €30 for the loss of the remote control or the chip. You are obliged to lock the apartment every time you leave it, even if you do it only for a short time.
  11. On the day of arrival the representative of the owner of the apartment will collect from the guest, a deposit of €100 in cash.
  12. The apartment rental fees apply according to the table shown on the Sampella website. Guests can also obtain detailed information using the contact details provided on the website.
  13. On arrival the representative of the apartment owner will charge a one-off cleaning fee of €85 for a maximum of five guests and €98 for six people.
  14. The apartment prices are for four people. For every additional person there is a charge of €10. A maximum of six people can stay in the apartment.
  15. If there are more than four adults, children under three years of age sleep free of charge.
  16. Tourist tax charge set by the local authorities is not included to the apartment price. It is a mandatory fee collected upon arrival together with the deposit.
  17. The apartment key collection is possible from 09:00 to 21:00, after 21:00 to 24:00 you will be charged an additional €10.
  18. Guests can extend their stay – such a wish should be reported to the owner 48 hours before the end of the apartment’s rental period. In such a case, the fee schedule valid on a given day shall apply. The extension of the reservation is possible only if the apartment has not been previously reserved by other guests.
  19. The owner of Sampella can refuse to rent the apartment to persons who during their previous stay violated Terms and Conditions.

§4 Responsibility

  1. Guests are required to lock the apartment every time they leave.
  2. Sampella Apartment is equipped with monitoring and security system. Two cameras are covered for the duration of the stay of the guests. It is possible to activate the alarm during a longer absence.
  3. The apartment Sampella is not responsible for the things left in the apartment.
  4. Guests are responsible for any damage caused to the apartment. Damage means both destruction or damage of the apartment’s equipment and its loss.
  5. In case the deposit does not cover all damages or lack of equipment, the Guests are obliged to cover the difference between the deposit and the actual costs.
  6. All reservations concerning the technical condition of the apartment’s equipment should be immediately reported to a representative of the owner and sent by e-mail to sampella.booking@gmail.com.
  7. Sampella Apartments is not responsible for children left out without care. Parents are responsible for any damages caused by their children.

§5 Final provisions

  1. A representative of the owner is available to the guests 7 days a week from 09:00 to 20:00 at the following phone numbers:
    Jazmin – Spanish and English               Marta – Polish and English
  2. The owner and the owner’s representative reserve the right not to answer the phone in case of professional activities and will contact you back as soon as possible.
  3. The owner is responsible for ensuring that the condition of the apartment and its furnishings are in accordance with the offer made on the day of booking.
  4. The law applicable to the disputes between the Owner and the Lessee is the Polish law. Any disputes shall be settled by the court appropriate for the Landlord.


We wish you a pleasant stay in the Sampella apartment!