Relax your body and mind

Find rest in movement

Adventurous holidays are our most valued path to relax . Yet, bear in mind that in order to reflect on all adventures and hard outdoor training sessions  You need a cosy relaxing place too. Considering this, we have created the Sampella. A sunny intimate peaceful apartment. Perfect for taking a rest  from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and worries.

The place that looks up to Your expectations!

Sampella is a place for everybody. It is tailor made for Your needs and resting style. If You fancy spending time actively, the scope of possibilities and facilities is really impressive here. At the same time, the place is ideal for families with kids as well as groups of friends interested in local culture and Spanish cuisine.

Regain your form!

We all delight in biking, swimming or SUP swimming. Individually, we try climbing, running, yoga or kayaks. Sampella allows us to do it all in one place. Our experience in catering to our whims in Gran Alacant zone is being regularly described in our blog. It is supposed to be a kind of a guide enabling You to plan Your time here.

Focus on siesta!

You can relax in a multitude of ways – just as You like the most! With Your family around, actively or lonely, yet always busking in the Spanish sun. You will find tranquility here, visit unforgettable places and savour Spanish cuisine. Gran Alacant offers a dozen pretty good bars and pubs. To enrich Your culinary sensations visit Torrevieja, Santa Pola or Alicante


Roads perfect for bikes, MTB routes


Pool, snorkelling and scuba diving, SUP, kitesurfing and widsurfing


Sightseeing, trekking, restaurants

Our experience in catering to various whims in Gran Alacant zone as well as diverse hints You can find in our blog. It is supposed to be a kind of a guide enabling You to plan Your time here.

Look what facilities are waiting for You

 Perfect location

  • Alicante airport – distance 12 y (10 km)
  • Alicante city – distance 21,6 y (18 km) to the city center
  • Tranquil town of Gran Alacant 
  • Commercial center – 1,8 y (1,5 km)
  • The beach and the seafront promenade distance of 3,6 y (3 km)
  • Swimming pool 24 y (= 20 m) long and a kids’ pool
  • Playground for kids
  • Picnic / barbecue area 

Comfortable appartment

  • Closed residential area with four 2-stock buildings and underground car park
  • Storage room – enable storing bikes, prams or other equipment for the beach
  • Roof space available for drying laundry
  • Surprisingly rich kitchen equipment: dishwasher, blender, tea kettle, filter coffee maker as well as italian moka pot, toaster, slow juicer and oven (a.o.)

Sport equipment

  • Two yoga mats
  • Yoga accessories for 2 people – belts and blocks
  • Pilates ball
  • Trick board
  • AB exercise wheel
  • Resistance bands for exercises
  • Basketball
  • Foam roller

Facilities for bikers

  • Facilities for bikers
  • Bike hanging system in the storage room
  • Bike rack for technical run-through or cleaning the bike
  • Bike pump and  basic bike service tools

It’s hard to say what we liked most because there were plenty of great things, from the landlord’s personality down to the finest details of the house. We were very pleased.

KarolinaYoga Teacher

The equipment is exactly like in the pictures. Very comfortable apartment. Big beaches and beautiful landscapes. A wide variety of activities!